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True Strength is Gentle

True Strength is Gentle

We face an overwhelming planetary climate crisis. ‘True Strength is Gentle’ was made to focus in on the feeling of joy and wellbeing when reconnecting with the ancient beech woodlands where I live. It is a bittersweet ode to the awe-inspiring beauty of some of the last remaining ancient trees in the UK.


I wove the essence of the forest, the soaring canopy, the gnarled, undulating bark and the feeling of lightness and freedom we feel when we spend time amongst the trees. ‘True Strength is Gentle’ is a conduit to the reconnection needed for constructing a positive future.

Handwoven from hemp yarn, this artwork adds the most tranquil, peaceful energy to a living room, foyer or entrance hall



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  • Hemp yarn, paper yarn, bamboo pole

  • 120 x 190 cm  

  • 2021

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