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Their Bravery Knew No End XI

Their Bravery Knew No End XI

The Lyde Garden collection is inspired by the wilderness of an unique valley garden that traces the gently flowing Lyde River.


To enter the Lyde Garden we step down meandering paths that then wind their way through the dense, unmanicured planting.


A soaring tree canopy shelters our intimate encounter with the sounds of flowing water and views of lush foliage.


The Lyde Garden is a space for deep reflection, where one feels tenderly cocooned. The Lyde Garden collection is handwoven from paper, linen and nettle yarns.


It is sustainable, plant-based and vegan; mindfully made in Buckinghamshire, England.

£1,495 GBP


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  • Linen yarn, paper yarn, natural paint on canvas

  • 56 x 46 cm

  • 2024


Artworks can also be commissioned to perfectly fit your personal size requirements.

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