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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons are part of the ‘Well-Being’ series which explores the question: 'What does wellbeing feel like in our environment?'


By spending intentional time in the ancient woodlands around her home, Saskia used the regular practice of ‘forest-bathing’ to reconnect with her senses. 


Using natural materials, a subtle palette, swathes of delicate yarns and ethereal woven structures, Saskia then sensitively interpreted the delicate balance of personal and environmental wellbeing.


  • Series of FOUR framed artworks (available separately as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)

  • Hemp yarn, nettle yarn, linen yarn, paper yarn, natural paint, birch plywood

  • Bleached oak veneer frames

  • 102.5x102.5cm each

  • 2022



Currently at exhibition until end of June 2023, this artwork will ship to you then.

For more urgent shipment, please email

Price includes fully insured professional courier shipping.



Artworks can also be commissioned to perfectly fit your personal size requirements.

To have a no obligation chat about your requirements, pop me an email

or book a call here.

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