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Endlessly Ours I

Endlessly Ours I

Endlessly Ours explores our contemporary relationship with our natural environment.


The collection invokes the twin emotions of loss and love that co-exist as we come to terms with our exploitation of Mother Nature, whilst reconnecting to our original kinship with the natural world. 


Saskia drew inspiration for her subtle colour palette and rippled textures from the expansive horizons and undulating sands of the shores of eastern England. A place where the vast sea and sky gave her the space to feel deeply, reflect and imagine.


Endlessly Ours is handwoven from plant-based yarns such as linen, nettle and paper; presented on birch plywood hand painted with Edward Bulmer plant-based paints.



  • Linen yarn, cotton/linen yarn, plant-based paint, birch plywood

  • 70 x 70cm

Price includes fully insured, crated, professional courier shipping.



Artworks can also be commissioned to perfectly fit your personal size requirements.

To have a no obligation chat about your requirements, pop me an email

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