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Their Bravery Knew No End VI

Their Bravery Knew No End VI

'Their Bravery Knew No End' collection is a poetic expression of gratitude for the gentle, yet powerful, trailblazers leading the way in tackling our climate crisis.


Handwoven from linen, hemp and nettle yarns, each piece of the collection is vegan, plant-based and entirely natural.


Forests are a radical, beautiful and effective way to reduce the impact of climate change. A forest lover since childhood, when Saskia discovered that the majority of global deforestation is for animal agriculture and the food grown to feed livestock, she focused her work on the benefits of a more plant-based diet and conscious way of living.


'Their Bravery Knew No End' celebrates those who are beacons of hope and light in creating a future that is not only sustainable, but regenerative.



  • Linen yarn, hemp yarn, linen, canvas

  • 51 x 41cm

  • 2022

  • Listing is for one artwork, can be purchased alongside VII and VIII and hung as a triptych

Price includes fully insured, crated, professional courier shipping.



Artworks can also be commissioned to perfectly fit your personal size requirements.

To have a no obligation chat about your requirements, pop me an email

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