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'If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the events of the past few weeks, can I encourage you to step into the calming balm that is @saskia_saunders’ Instagram feed?

Deeply inspired by Japanese concepts such as Ma and Wabi Sabi, this British artist and sculptor manipulates humble materials in a simple colour palette to create contemplative works that encourage us to slow down.

While her artworks soothe your racing mind, let her gentle and compassionate captions hold space for whatever you’re feeling.'

Katie Treggiden 

Writer for Guardian, DesignMilk and ViewPoint 

'The team at Modern Art Oxford are constantly grateful for the fascinating exchanges we have online with creative individuals. One of these creatives is Buckinghamshire-based artist Saskia Saunders.

(Her)Japanese-inspired sculptures and positive affirmation works were a timely discovery. For we all need a bit of calm, self-reflection in our unsettled daily routines at the moment.'

Modern Art Oxford

'Saskia possess an extremely strong personal aesthetic. She has created weavings that are beautifully minimal yet still warm in their tactile nature.

Her customer service was amazing and I am happy to hang one of her pieces in my home. 

If you are reading this then do yourself a favour and purchase one of Saskia's woven textiles, simply for the beauty of her art.'

Jeffrey Dressler

Custom Commission for wall hanging, New York

'Saskia Saunders' pieces are the very essence of peace and tranquility.
From the meditative practice which gives rise to their creation, her delicate works teach us to pause.'

Eleanor Elizabeth Arts Gallery


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