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Welcome, I'm so glad that you're here.

'I create handwoven sculptures for people who want to

use simplicity and space to create a sanctuary in their lives.'


Here is where you will find a calm pause. A moment of contemplation, inspired by the gentle acceptance of nature.


Here is where you clear space amid the clutter and chaos, and intentionally choose to commit to your life, on your terms.


Here is where we create a sanctuary for your mind, your home and your environment. 

Where you step into simplicity, and find peacefulness and freedom.



Handwoven Sculptures

I use natural materials and yarns such as linen, hemp, and paper in my handwoven sculptures to connect us directly to nature. 

Meditative processes, such as weaving and wrapping are methods of construction. They show us how we can build and grow steadily towards our future vision, whilst being grateful for the moment in hand. 


By creating a tranquil haven we can retreat into, we can rest and restore ourselves, to then connect even more deeply with our world around us. 

From my travels in Japan I also bring you inspiration and wisdom from the Japanese aesthetic values of :

Ma - appreciating the space around things

Wabi-sabi - accepting imperfection 

Shibui - enjoying subtle beauty 

My sculptures do not seek to be perfect, because as you know, nature and life are both imperfectly beautiful.

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