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An exhibition by Saskia Saunders at Gauthier Soho


A conscious collaboration between London’s leading vegan fine dining restaurant and one of the UK’s leading vegan artists. Alexis Gauthier has invited artist Saskia Saunders to showcase her elegant handwoven artworks in the Le Grand Salon private dining room in Gauthier Soho


With an exclusive selection of 8 large scale artworks, Nourish celebrates the visionary nature of plant-based creativity in art and dining. 


Saskia hand weaves vegan fine art that elevates sustainable, luxury living. Using natural yarns such as linen and paper and a restful natural colour palette, Saskia brings the ancient craft of handweaving into contemporary form. 


Exhibition now until June 15th 2023 

Entry exclusive to restaurant guests, book a table here 

Exhibited works available for sale, as listed below.

For a copy of the Nourish press release PDF email

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