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Seeds of Light - Finding tranquillity

Seeds of Light - Finding tranquillity

The Seeds of Light series: three exclusive collections of handwoven sculptures.

'Finding tranquillity' is crafted from hemp yarns, inspired by the feeling of lightness and freedom we feel when walking in the woodlands and forests.

The space inside each sculpture reflects both the importance of creating space in our lives for what matters, and the space we can expand out into when we are connected to our natural environment.

Each sculpture is delicate and elegant, it radiates the soothing tranquillity of spending time amidst the trees. I encourage you to gently hold your sculptures, they come alive when you feel them in your hands.

To welcome the Seeds of Light sculptures into your personal sanctuary is to welcome the focal point, the source of energy, that brings you back to your values time and time again. They are a gentle guide for navigating your own path, caring for your wellbeing and the wellbeing of our natural world.

The Seeds of Light are the planting of your vision, of growth into your future.

Finding tranquillity from the series Seeds of Light



  • Hemp yarn

  • Handwoven personal sculptures

  • Largest sculpture 15x10cm 

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • 2020

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